A Coffee Date

I need to say a HUGE thank you! 500 of you have liked our blog enough to follow us on a weekly basis. That makes my heart so glad and we are honored. Thank you! As a blog we are going to try something new and I’d like to take a moment to chat about it.

If we meet up to talk about doing more with your creative life would you buy me a coffee for my thoughts?

Our blog is add free for reasons I’ve already outlined. What we are running into now is the need to upgrade (again) to get enough space to continue to provide great photos, videos, and files for you to use.

All that being said we still would rather not do ads. Life is too short.

So instead, we’ve decided to use as a platform to get a little support. There is no obligation to donate. However, if you enjoy our blog posts or if you learned something we’d love you to support our efforts with the cost of a coffee. Ko-fi is a donation platform that lets you give the equivalent of coffee money to any of the bloggers who you like.

So here’s to a red-eye espresso as I chase my kiddos and blog in the cracks of this creative life.

Happy Questing!

If you like this blog and would like to buy me a coffee you can do so here. Thanks!



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