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Pimp My Playset: The Plans

My hubby picked up a used playset for our toddler a few months ago and she loves it. However, the playset itself is in need of some TLC. This post is all about the plans for the playset. Whether is happens the way it’s planned will remain to be seen. For now these are the areas I want to address.


  1. Missing railing. I have a couple thoughts on how to fix this. I could buy a few boards and put on new rails. I could put in a flat panel and paint it with chalk board paint. Or… and this is my favorite build a lower platform and allow the kids to crawl through the opening. Lots of options.







2. Utilize the lower ‘ground’ level by putting in a sand box. Be sure to put landscaping fabric down first to avoid weeds growing through the sand.





3. Transform the wood with stain. It’s important to stain the underside as well to keep the wood nice. If you use a light ‘sky’ blue color it will deter wasps from building nests under the platform as well.






4. Reset fireman’s pole and add other extras. I was looking online and for a reasonable price I can get a little telescope, a pulley for a bucket, and even rock climbing studs.






5. Using weather resistant fabric (I have some old pontoon boat canvas) make a tent top for the fort. This will transform the fort with shade. I will also need to trim any low hanging tree branches so the first wind storm doesn’t rip the fabric.




6. The rope ladder is broken and will need to be replaced. I could also replace it with a cargo net either way. This will be perfect access for the second lower platform I’d like to put in.








7. The swings all work but the plastic coating is cracked and broken. I may not have the budget to get new ones right away but it’s still on my list.





8. Cleaning it up. Besides giving it a good power wash before stain I’m finding some old ropes I need to remove and nail heads popped up in places.






9. The center section between the swings and the fort is where I’d like the platform to go, somehow. I’d still like to add in a chalk board possibly on the V section on the swings. You’ll just have to check back for the final product post later this summer.




10. Finally I’d like to spray paint the slide and steering wheel features with plastic coating spray paint. The house is blue and white so I’ll get stain to match the blue and spray the slide white giving the color scheme a total revamp.

Let me know if you have any other fun ideas to add to my list. Thanks for stopping by.


5 thoughts on “Pimp My Playset: The Plans”

  1. We just recently gave away some of those things because our set was very wobbly! :/ One of the things I enjoyed about ours when it was up was the built in kids picnic table underneath. We might still have the table top in the back yard. If I come across any of the swings and stuff as we are packing up I will totally keep you guys in mind! 😀


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