DIY Chair Makeover

Snagging items for cheep is one thing. Incorporating them into your home design is entirely different. Lets give it a shot with this wooden high chair. Itemsย & Cost Breakdown: Chair- found at Goodwill $8 Wood Glue- already owned Hammer- already owned Pliers- already owned Goo Off- bought bottle for $6 Sandpaper- bought assorted pack for… Continue reading DIY Chair Makeover

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Pimp My Playset: The Plans

My hubby picked up a used playset for our toddler a few months ago and she loves it. However, the playset itself is in need of some TLC. This post is all about the plans for the playset. Whether is happens the way it's planned will remain to be seen. For now these are the… Continue reading Pimp My Playset: The Plans