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Flower Farm a Final Season

As we pulled up to the u-pick flower farm the stillness of the jeweled field of flowers was so calming. Alone except for the beetles, bees, and turkeys on the hedgerow. We helped ourselves to some snips and a basket, trekking through the morning dew and muddy lanes to find perfect stems.

My toddler chases butterfly’s while I fill the basket with more tones of red than I knew existed. Tones to bright and vivid to be found on any paint chip or computer screen.

Paying $3 for a fistful of flowers seems like robbery and I understood when I saw the sign posted above the little cash bucket. This would be the final season for u-cut flowers. A field full of blooms for as many years as I can remember was coming to a close. The end of the summer season seems frosty knowing this would be my last visit to a well loved garden.

Arranging flowers this beautiful wasn’t hard for me. I left them as wild as I could wanting to bring some of the garden into my kitchen and bedroom. If you want more info on how to arrange flowers check out my earlier post.

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