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Frozen Beauty- North Carolina

North Carolina has been hit with freezing rain and ice on several occasions. No one is prepared for travel in this weather. Nor is anyone expecting the raw and natural beauty of it either.  Here are the wonders I found after the storm moved on this weekend.

Through the danger and destruction a glimmer of cold beauty emerges.

While the house starts into a deep freeze from the power outage, I brave the slick sidewalks to look at the ice dangling from every twig. The grass is crunchy as I step into the new world around me. I hum “Let it Go,” while I take photos of pines bowing low in the cold shroud and encapsulated berries. The flowers are crystalized in a gown of ice. It’s beautiful, dangerous, and wonderful all at once.

I breath and just exist as it starts to melt, gone just as quickly as it came.

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