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Two-Tracking: Quepos, Costa Rica

An action packed day was in store for us when we decided to do a little quad running on the pacific side of Costa Rica near the port city of Quepos.

We wanted an adventure off the beaten path and we got it.

Our guide lead the way through palm oil farms and up a mountain to experience the thrill of swimming in a cold stream under a waterfall in the cloud forest.

Arriving at our destination we parked beneath a star fruit tree and enjoyed a fresh fruit snack and drank deep from our water canteens. Walking up steep paths in the rain forest we arrived at dangerous ravines with rope bridges. Crossing one at a time for safety reason, I began my trek. The rope bridge swung from side to side jolting me forward and I grabbed the flimsy rope sides.

Stopping in the middle to allow the bridge to stabilized I gazed upward.

The trees loomed tall above, huge and old. Hummingbirds gleamed in the sun as they dashed around to eat their morning meal. Looking below, misty clouds veiled a steep ravine and the sounds of frogs and cicadas rose loud all around us.

We could not resist the deep pool beneath the waterfall, we jumped in, refreshing us from the intense heat and humidity. We frolicked there for awhile before heading back down the mountain on our machines where a typical Costa Rican lunch awaited us.

Travel tips: It is important to check trip advisor when choosing your tour host. Bring water canteens and a face mask because the dust is intense. All your clothing will be completely covered in red dust. If you have asthma or allergies, bring your meds. Watch for poisonous snakes whenever you go into the forest, or swim in the wild. Poisonous Fer de Lance snakes are known in this area and many people die from bites each year.


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