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Free Printable Thanksgiving Dinner Name cards

I use Creative Market a lot for fonts and other things for design and this week they have some amazing free downloads.  I used them to create name cards that you can download and use for Thanksgiving this year.  I know what your thinking, Thanksgiving is so far away, but its good to get some of the small details out of the way early.  When Thanksgiving gets closer and things get more hectic you can have extra time for getting that turkey perfectly cooked.

On the front of the cards is the watercolor birds and leaves and on the back is a “I am thankful for..” section that lets your guest jot down a couple of things they are really thankful for this year.  The cards are designed to be cut out in one piece and  folded in half like a little tent so they can stand on their own.

Below are the front and back of the cards.

Free Printable name cards for Thanksgiving
Free Printable name cards for Thanksgiving

The font I used is below, if you want the same font that I used you will need to download this free font and insert the names that you want on the name cards.  You can also just write in the names with a marker to make them more personal. 1-f

The watercolor birds and twigs that I used also are free on creative market if you want to make something with them or add more to your place cards this is where you can find them.


If you would like to use these awesome name cards that I created for this thanksgiving or even a fall dinner party, here is a free printable download in PDF form.

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