Choker Necklaces DIY

Have you seen the “latest” trend? Let’s be real, in the 90’s choker necklaces were a thing for teen girls. Now on this latest revision of the trend the style has evolved to something more sophisticated and foxy, like those girls from the 90’s.

Here’s my take on making some inexpensive necklaces that match your outfits perfectly.

First decide which type of necklace you want to make and the components you will need.

If you need ideas I made a board on Pinterest to check out.

I made a quick trip to my local hobby shop and purchased a few charms I liked, some leather cord, and a few strips of ribbon to start. I spent about $10 and used several craft items I already had on hand.

Next I decided which charms would go best with each cord I had and started attaching them from there. My necklaces are not nearly as polished as they could be with fancy end clips (saving some cash over here) but if you have some handy even ones from broken necklaces go for it. Here’s a photo montage of each necklace I made (ps. I’m a mom not a model).

White satin ribbon with wide mouth charm. The charm was meant to be part of a bracelet collection but it works perfect in this application.

Pink sheer ribbon with drop cameo letter. To attach this I simply use a bow in the back.

Leather cord wrap around with free hanging charmed ends. I made two versions since I liked this one so much. One set has an elegant crystal drop and the other a pair of whimsical umbrellas.

Leather cord with metal design center. Using the leftover cord from the pair of necklaces above I crafted this pair of edgy high chokers.

Happy questing!

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