2020 Writing Challenge

I’m so blessed to have a few local writing friends. They keep me honest when it comes to the amount of work I’m actually getting done, ahm, or not getting done.

One of them called me out. “You’re not writing enough.”                                                    Ouch…                     “Neither am I. Let’s change it up.”

I know January is the epic month of resolutions and then failing them. I’d already resolved not to resolve anything for the year. Let’s be real, life is too unpredictable to “always” get something done or “always” eat right. I wasn’t going to put myself under that level of stress for another year.

But I do like accountability. If I know someone will be disappointed then I’m much more likely to get something done. My friend is wise enough to know this about me. Luckily she already had a plan.

Twenty minutes a day. That’s it. Weekends off.

At first I was like nope. But I really need to be consistent to hit a looming deadline this summer. We are finishing out our first week trying twenty minutes a day in 2020 and so far it’s been a success for both of us. With this finished blog post I’ll have my Friday minutes in and will be set till Monday.

Want to join us in this 20 in 2020 challenge? We are all for more accountability buddies. Shout out if you’re in and connect on Twitter to encourage each other to write each day.

Happy Questing!

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