DIY Hand Painted Succulent Pots

I love succulents, they are easy to take care of and look so pretty!  I have a lot of house plants and for some reason the small ones I tend to neglect.  Today’s DIY I used faux succulents to create three hand painted pots.  You can make this easy DIY fit any space with the designs and colors you choose.  Get your paint brushes ready for this fun DIY!

DIY Hand Painted Succulent Pots 8.jpg


  • Terra Cotta Planters (set of 3 at dollar tree for $1)
  • Acryllic Paint and Paint Brush
  • Faux Succulents (from dollar tree $1 a piece)
  • Foam

How to:


The first step is to get a base color onto your pots.  I used white for mine but you can choose whatever color will match the room where you are putting your pots.  I did two coats of white since the terra cotta sucks in paint it is good to get a good solid base color.  You could do this even faster with a can of spray paint.  Let dry.


As they are drying you can cut out some foam pieces to fit inside, this will help keep the faux succulents in place.  I poured a little bit of glue onto my foam so it would all stick together since I cut out small chunks.   I would suggest just cutting out a shape that fills most of the pot and squeezing it in.   You can also use pebbles or sand.  If you want to plant real succulents in these you wouldn’t use foam but plant them in the pots like you normally would.  If you are like me and tend to forget about house plants then you may want to stick with the fake ones.


Once the paint is dry you now get to choose any design.  Stripes, polka dots, eyes, pineapples, dip it in a bright color, whatever you would like.  Make these your own and come up with something unique and fun.


I decided to add a little bit of peach color to mine and it turned out great!  Have fun with the designs and patterns you choose.


Once your beautiful design dries you can take your faux succulents and push them into the foam.  The fake ones usually have a stem that makes this part super easy.   If they do not feel too secure you can always add some glue before inserting to make sure they stay tight.


You now have three beautiful hand painted pots that you can plant your succulents in.  This DIY is kid friendly and would be so much fun to do with the little ones.  If you try out this DIY please tag Quest Type on social media so we can see your beautiful creation!

Happy Crafting!

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