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Friendship Boot Planter DIY

Here is a great idea to celebrate a special friendship in your life. Find a pair of worn out boots and fill with your favorite flowers. One of the boots is for your friend while the other is for you. Friends are the flowers in the garden of life. Beginning with a seed of trust, nurtured… Continue reading Friendship Boot Planter DIY


DIY Hand Painted Succulent Pots

I love succulents, they are easy to take care of and look so pretty!  I have a lot of house plants and for some reason the small ones I tend to neglect.  Today's DIY I used faux succulents to create three hand painted pots.  You can make this easy DIY fit any space with the… Continue reading DIY Hand Painted Succulent Pots

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Windowsill Lettuce

In mid Michigan the winter can get long, really long, to the point where I want to buy potted plants to smell dirt and see the color green again. I'm also horrible about eating lettuce before it spoils in my fridge. Solution: pick when you need it lettuce. About two weeks before Christmas I pulled… Continue reading Windowsill Lettuce

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How to Make Your living Room more Inviting

We spend most of our time either in the kitchen or in our living room, thats why its important for us to have a living room that makes us feel welcomed.  Here are some practical ways to make your living room more inviting! Do you have an empty corner of your living room that just looks like something is… Continue reading How to Make Your living Room more Inviting


To till or not to till, that is the question

I have been gardening all my life, starting early on my parents farm. It isn't easy, and it is a lot of work no matter how you decide to do it. I have had gardens using conventional tilling, in raised beds with purchased soil, and the no-till layered way.  Last season I shared with you my start of a… Continue reading To till or not to till, that is the question


DIY: Macrame Plant Hanger

  I have been decorating our new home over the past couple weeks and I am just starting to add in some plants.  I really really wanted to do a corner of hanging pots so I decided to learn how to make a Macrame Plant Hanger.  This was a fun and easy project, it reminded… Continue reading DIY: Macrame Plant Hanger