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Basil Oil Recipe

Ingredients 2 bunches of basil Boiling water Ice bath Oil strainer with cheese cloth or fine mesh strainer Oil container How To Take your basil, leave it whole on the stems, the stems will add color and some flavor to the oil.  Blanch the basil for 20 seconds in boiling water and then set in… Continue reading Basil Oil Recipe


How to make Black Garlic

Have you ever heard of black garlic?   Its not new, its been around a long time and originated in Korea but is starting to get more available in supermarkets in America. Black Garlic is made by putting plain garlic into a humidity controlled room for 30 days and then set out to oxidize for about that… Continue reading How to make Black Garlic

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Fire Cider-Organic Recipe

Boost your Immune System with this powerful immune boosting tonic! Before it freezes here in Michigan I gather up extra snippets of herbs, harvest the horseradish, pick the reddest hot peppers I can find for a cold and flu tonic that is sure to make hair curl. Vinegar based herbal tonics are not a new invention and are highly adaptable and… Continue reading Fire Cider-Organic Recipe

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Preserving Garden Fresh Basil

Planting a row of basil in my kitchen garden gave me plenty of fresh leaves during the summer months for immediate use. It is so delightful to pick my own organic vegetables and herbs straight from the garden to the kitchen. The flavors cannot be any better. Trying to save these garden fresh herb flavors for… Continue reading Preserving Garden Fresh Basil