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Q-Kids Activity: Cookie Cutter Fun

It's Monday. Just in case you needed a reminder. Staying in quarantine is getting longer and longer and even those of us with that extra serving of creativity are losing steam. We are also running low on all the snacks and comfort foods. So for snack time this week things got a bit crazy. I… Continue reading Q-Kids Activity: Cookie Cutter Fun

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Sweet Potato Tuna Cake Recipe

I love making zucchini fritters in the summer when there is a lot of zucchini available.  I have been craving them, but since it is winter I decided to use sweet potatoes instead. Almost every  time I go to the farmers market in the winter I grab a couple sweet potatoes to cook with.  They are great… Continue reading Sweet Potato Tuna Cake Recipe


How to make Black Garlic

Have you ever heard of black garlic?   Its not new, its been around a long time and originated in Korea but is starting to get more available in supermarkets in America. Black Garlic is made by putting plain garlic into a humidity controlled room for 30 days and then set out to oxidize for about that… Continue reading How to make Black Garlic


Mini Pizza Bagel Bites

While working through the #P2P16 twitter feeds this week I found less time to actually feed my family (bad mom, I know). So I tore my eyes away from the writing community and scavenged through the kitchen for something to make for dinner. What happens when no time and odd ingredients collide in my kitchen? In… Continue reading Mini Pizza Bagel Bites

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Make dry Soup Stock from Juicing pulps

After Making several batches of V-8 juice this past month I was having a hard time throwing out all that yummy smelling vegetable pulp. My mom always taught me not to waste stuff so when it came time to throw all the pulp away from canning bushels of produce into V-8 juice I was having… Continue reading Make dry Soup Stock from Juicing pulps

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Crafted Vegetable Juice-Better than V-8

How to home can all Natural Vegetable Juice in 4 steps With all the studies about toxic BPA still lurking in store bought canned foods I decided to double down on crafting my own organic natural vegetable juice for my family. So if you are committed to making good healthy food for your family you may want to consider… Continue reading Crafted Vegetable Juice-Better than V-8

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Simple Refrigerator Sweet pickles in 5 easy steps

  As cucumber season is coming to an end here in Michigan getting in one last taste of yumminess from my vines is a pleasing prospect. Here is a recipe that needs only a few cucumbers to make and is really easy. No canning is required and it will last for months in the refrigerator. Deep into… Continue reading Simple Refrigerator Sweet pickles in 5 easy steps


Reduced Salt Half-Sour Fermented Deli Pickles

Laboring in my garden and harvesting my own food is rewarding. What is not rewarding is when I open a jar of my own fermented pickles and spit them out in disgust. That is what happened to me when I tried various pickling recipes found on the internet. For me they are way to salty, inedible for my palette.… Continue reading Reduced Salt Half-Sour Fermented Deli Pickles

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Create your own Recipe Box

Its hard to find recipe boxes any more in stores, since most people these days just use the internet to store their recipes.  If you are anything like me, I always forget to save the recipe I use and I can never find it again. I was at my local craft store when I spotted… Continue reading Create your own Recipe Box


Oven Roasted Tomatoes

I was at the Asian market yesterday and I found a great deal on tomatoes on the vine, for $2 a box and they were buy one get one free.   There is so much you can do with tomatoes,  I thought I would share with you an easy way to preserve them. It isn't time consuming… Continue reading Oven Roasted Tomatoes


Fit for a King

It was a few weeks ago when I decided to start eating eggs again, since then this is a recipe I have now added to our life. It's fast, easy, and low maintenance. I only like eggs when they are made a certain way and for some reason I just craved to eat an egg… Continue reading Fit for a King


Food Styling and Photography

Over the past week my friend and I were trying out some new vegan recipes.  She wants to start a new food blog, so we decided to try our hand at food styling and photography.  Photos are a really important aspect of blogs, and we found a quick and easy way for anyone with Photoshop… Continue reading Food Styling and Photography