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Simple Refrigerator Sweet pickles in 5 easy steps

  As cucumber season is coming to an end here in Michigan getting in one last taste of yumminess from my vines is a pleasing prospect. Here is a recipe that needs only a few cucumbers to make and is really easy. No canning is required and it will last for months in the refrigerator. Deep into… Continue reading Simple Refrigerator Sweet pickles in 5 easy steps


Berry Cheesecake Mousse

I am loving summer for all the berries that are in season! I went to my local farmers stand today and was able to score 4 pints of black raspberries for $5.00! Today also happens to be my husband’s birthday, I decided to treat him to a fantastic dessert! For the Graham Cracker base: Take a… Continue reading Berry Cheesecake Mousse


Foraged Salad

My family is very good at knowing what is edible to eat and what is not. It happened to be a beautiful day outside so we went foraging! This is an excellent way to gain new knowledge and acquire a skill! There is no better way to spend a day then with ones family amidst… Continue reading Foraged Salad


The Riches of Chia

One of my joys in life is finding a deliciously chocolate dessert for myself that I can indulge in guilt free because it is vegan! It feels like I'm cheating on my lifestyle when I take that first bite, but then I remember that it is totally safe 🙂 Let's talk chia. To me, chia… Continue reading The Riches of Chia

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Eating Raw in Costa Rica

  I grew up on a fresh fruit and vegetable farm on the east side of Lake Michigan. The anticipation of picking and eating a self grown delectable meal is a way of life for me. Market day in Costa Rica is a joy for my heart and soul as my eyes feast on the… Continue reading Eating Raw in Costa Rica