Whipped Sugar Scrub DIY

Cold weather is approaching and with that comes dry skin.  Sugar scrubs are amazing for hydrating your hands during the winter months come along with me today to learn how to make your own! Supplies: 3/4 cup Coconut Oil 1 cup Sugar Mixer Optional: Coloring (beet powder etc) Grapefruit zest Essential Oils Jojoba oil or […]

DIY Ornaments!

I put up my Christmas tree on election night to keep my mind on happy things, and I decided to create some more fun things to decorate it with this year.  Below I created a video showing you how to create these fun little ornaments.


  • Straws 4 per each ornament
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Wooden Beads
  • Bobby Pin

Check out my video on how to create this simple Christmas ornament using only straws and yarn, you can add beads to make them more unique!

How to:

First step is to cut each staw into 3 equal peices.  You can change the size of the straws to be as big or as small as you would like.  Just make sure all peices are equal lengths and cut about three feet of yarn.

Next string on 3 of the cut straws, and tie a knot to form a triangle.  All you are doing is forming triangles, it may seem a little complicated at first but once you get the hang of it, it will be super easy.

Now you will be adding two at a time to keep forming the triangles, you do this until you have one peice of straw left.

With the last peice you string it and tie it to the very first knot that you made and this will form the bottom of the ornament.  After that the top needs to be tied with an extra peice of yarn, this is the peice I added the beads to.  You do not need the beads but if you want them its easy to string them on with a bobby pin and create a loop on the end so it can hang easily on the tree.

Happy Crafting!

DIY Christmas Ornament
DIY Christmas Ornament
DIY Christmas Ornament
DIY Christmas Ornament

Mini Pizza Bagel Bites

While working through the #P2P16 twitter feeds this week I found less time to actually feed my family (bad mom, I know). So I tore my eyes away from the writing community and scavenged through the kitchen for something to make for dinner.

What happens when no time and odd ingredients collide in my kitchen? In this case pure yumminess that I will now make on purpose more often.

All I had in the cupboard:

  • A partial jar of pizza sauce
  • A package of fresh mozzarella
  • Mini peperoni pieces
  • Mini bagels


I got out a pizza tray (a cookie sheet works just fine too) and preheated the oven to 350 degrees. I set my toddler on the counter to help and began assembling these tasty treats.

First separate your bagels into halves place them inside up on your tray and start coating with pizza sauce. I did about a spoonful per bagel half. Next I chopped up the mozzarella (shredded cheese is fine too) and sprinkled each bagel generously.

At this point stop your toddler from eating all the ingredients separately and poking each bagel with their finger.

Finally add your mini pepperonis and pop into oven for 10 minutes. When they come out the bagels will be toasted, the cheese melted, and the sauce wonderfully warm. Try to share and enjoy at about 100 calories each.


Make dry Soup Stock from Juicing pulps

After Making several batches of V-8 juice this past month I was having a hard time throwing out all that yummy smelling vegetable pulp.

My mom always taught me not to waste stuff so when it came time to throw all the pulp away from canning bushels of produce into V-8 juice I was having a hard time. It smelled so yummy and there was so much nutrition and goodness left over. Juicers extract only about 60 to 70% of the nutrients and fiber from vegetables. That’s 40% more nutrition going to waste in all that leftover pulp.  I decided to dehydrate the pulp in my oven on the lowest setting (170 degrees) until it was completely dry. This took some hours of drying and each batch was a little different in time. It will depend on how dry your juicer removed the juice. Once the pulp was dry I ground it up with the dry ingredient blade of a blender. The dry powder looks and smells so good!  I can’t wait to start using it in my recipes.

Store in a glass sealed jar for use in soups, stews, sauces and gravies.

Tip: I did not add any salt or other additives to this all natural pulp blend. You can find out how to make all natural V-8 juice here.