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DIY Calendula Lotion Bars

Tis the season of dry skin and my hands are no exception. Taking care of our hands as writers is important.  I've had a jar of oil infused with calendula flowers sitting in my cupboard for about a year so it's ready to use for this very purpose. What is calendula? It's a flower, easy… Continue reading DIY Calendula Lotion Bars

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Kicking Out Chemicals, A Lifestyle Shift

It's funny how kids can change a person's perspective and I'm no exception. I've been slowly dipping my toe into a chemical free (or a least greatly reduced) life. It all started with a batch of DIY laundry detergent as a way to save some money. But when I noticed my family's skin clearing up… Continue reading Kicking Out Chemicals, A Lifestyle Shift

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DIY Hair Comb Embellishments

I've been informed by my mother that hair combs were the rave of the 80's. Which makes them overdue for a come back in my opinion. Not only do these handy combs keep your locks in place they are way easier to handle than bobby pins (enter rant of annoyance for bobby pins here). I… Continue reading DIY Hair Comb Embellishments


Plum Jam

I went to my local fruit stand and bought 6lbs of plums because they were so affordable! Then I had to think about what I would make out of them. I decided to make some jam, however I have never made plum jam before. This is a super simple way to make jam if you… Continue reading Plum Jam

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Calendula infused Oil

What is Calendula? Calendula (calendula officinalis) is a plant originating from the Mediterranean region and is sometimes called pot marigold. However it is different from the marigolds found at plant nurseries in the USA. Calendula has been prized for centuries for it's healing capabilities. Calendula, is a genus of about 15–20 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants… Continue reading Calendula infused Oil

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Drinking Sunshine: Calendula Tea

Organic Calendula tea on a cold winter’s day does not come without preparation unless you are buying it. As I sip on the hot tea looking through the pile of seed catalogs that have been arriving since the new year I smile, recalling this past summers kitchen garden. Calendula a plant that will bring plenty of… Continue reading Drinking Sunshine: Calendula Tea