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Kicking Out Chemicals, A Lifestyle Shift

It's funny how kids can change a person's perspective and I'm no exception. I've been slowly dipping my toe into a chemical free (or a least greatly reduced) life. It all started with a batch of DIY laundry detergent as a way to save some money. But when I noticed my family's skin clearing up… Continue reading Kicking Out Chemicals, A Lifestyle Shift


DIY Scented Rose Petals

Roses are so romantic and I have a hard time just tossing mine in the trash after they've wilted. So often I'll lay them on a cookie sheet and let them dry to save. But now I've got a whole bag full and no use! Well here a few ways to turn those dried gems… Continue reading DIY Scented Rose Petals


Easy Bath Cleanse

Today is the day you decide never to take a "normal" bath again! If you have the time to take a bath then make that worth the time it takes! There are SO many ways to take a bath to serve your body's needs at that moment. Need to detox? Take a ginger bath. Need… Continue reading Easy Bath Cleanse