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Q-Kids Activity: Cookie Cutter Fun

It's Monday. Just in case you needed a reminder. Staying in quarantine is getting longer and longer and even those of us with that extra serving of creativity are losing steam. We are also running low on all the snacks and comfort foods. So for snack time this week things got a bit crazy. I… Continue reading Q-Kids Activity: Cookie Cutter Fun

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Quarantine Check-In

How are you holding up? Take a moment this morning and take a mental inventory. Did you get some fresh air this weekend? Did you connect with someone you love? Did you accomplish something that needed to be done? Have you read something exquisite? Just like a boss would do, I've found it essential to… Continue reading Quarantine Check-In


Q-Kids Art Activity

This little mini series is an attempt to help out my fellow parents who need ideas to break up the day. These ideas will be fast, adaptable, and hopefully use things you already have on hand, all from home. BEADING Whether you're kids are small or big you can get a lot of fun with… Continue reading Q-Kids Art Activity

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Q-Kids Daily Art Activity

I know these past two weeks I've posted about teaching art classes but in all honesty I'd had those posts scheduled out before the whole virus crisis happened. I'm not teaching right now at all. But it occurred to me that just because I don't have a classroom to go into that I can't share… Continue reading Q-Kids Daily Art Activity

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Creating While Waiting

My cookbook has been on submission for a few months now. I've run the gamut of emotions. I'm starting to feel like those bouncy balloons kids pummel back and forth endlessly. I wanted something to happen. Then I had a breakthrough. I'm not in control. That fact is positive, good even. If things had happened… Continue reading Creating While Waiting

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‘What if?’ insurance

We have car insurance and health insurance, but what about "What if?" insurance? What if your car breaks down? What if you're laid off? What if you get seriously sick? What if your computer dies and the manuscript you've been working on for two years dies with it? What if you get in a car… Continue reading ‘What if?’ insurance

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Life #goals

Last week I shared a post about why we want to quit and talked about how important it is to flip the question and instead think about why we are doing whatever it is we're doing in the first place. I talked about goals a bit and I want to develop the idea that goals… Continue reading Life #goals

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Get your creativity flowing again

When your creativity flows more like a slow trickle instead of a gushing waterfall, it’s time to rest. I could be poetic and say something like… Creativity is an ever-flowing waterfall. Whether it’s trickling or gushing, it’s always running. Until it stops... But I’m too tired for that right now. I’ve been working A LOT… Continue reading Get your creativity flowing again


Venison Stir-fry with snow peas and Asparagus

This is an adapted recipe from Michigan, a state where venison is greatly admired and the locally grown Asparagus is crisp and fresh. I grew up in Oceana County Michigan where spring time is all about Asparagus and Autumn about hunting for White Tail Deer. Learning to cook from locally raised crops and wild game… Continue reading Venison Stir-fry with snow peas and Asparagus

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DIY Photo Banner

If you are you looking for a simple decor DIY that you can make quickly, I have the perfect DIY for you!  Baby showers, weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, you name it, this DIY would work great! Supplies: Scissors String or Ribbon Wooden Beads Wooden Clips Photos Tape   How to: This DIY is the… Continue reading DIY Photo Banner

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DIY Event Signs

I'm helping organize my sisters baby shower and found a fun way to make signs for the event.  By using the clear plastic frames at the dollar store I was able to DIY a sign that fits the theme and looks so pretty! Supplies: Clear plastic picture frames White and gold oil paint marker Printed… Continue reading DIY Event Signs

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DIY T-Shirt Stencil Art

Grab your freezer paper and fabric paint because we are going to use it to makeover a  t-shirt! My sister gave me a magnet that had the Quest Type logo on it and that got me thinking that I should make a shirt with our logo on it.  Freezer paper makes this DIY super easy and… Continue reading DIY T-Shirt Stencil Art


DIY Card Table Makeover

A couple Christmas' ago I won an old card table in a white elephant gift exchange.  Card tables are actually super useful because they fold up and you can transport them wherever you need without taking up much room.  I have used it a lot since I've gotten it but to be honest its old… Continue reading DIY Card Table Makeover

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Dollar Store DIY: Geometric Mirror Display

This dollar store DIY is an awesome way to display items and is super simple to make.   All you need is a couple supplies from the dollar store and you have yourself a beautiful geometric mirror display! Supplies: 3 mirrors from the Dollar store(these are next to the candles at dollar tree) Hot glue… Continue reading Dollar Store DIY: Geometric Mirror Display

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DIY Hand Embroidered Watercolor Shoes

After making the DIY Galaxy Shoes I fell in love with the process of making art on canvas shoes.  It's so much fun to create and also to wear around! We have a Walmart across the street from us and, I admit, we go there sometimes. At my last visit I found canvas shoes, they are… Continue reading DIY Hand Embroidered Watercolor Shoes

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DIY Beeswax Cling Wrap

The switch to natural living has been slowly progressing in my life. It is a lifestyle change that has been growing in me for years. That is why I am celebrating today. I did it! I stopped buying plastic wrap, a product I have used all my life-A product that turns out to be very toxic.… Continue reading DIY Beeswax Cling Wrap

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Creating inside fun with Sand Play Dough

When I was a child, I loved playing outside with my brother in the dirt. We would spend hours creating whole cityscapes with the help of our Tonka trucks. Each would have multiple jobs to do. One of us was a landscaper, a police officer, a heavy equipment operator or the baker. It was great fun.… Continue reading Creating inside fun with Sand Play Dough


Calendula Dry Skin Cream

Dry furnace heat makes my skin dry and cracked during the cold winter months. To combat this I make an organic healing lotion that can be used for body and face. This recipe is a two step process and also requires a source for fresh or dried calendula flowers, you can find a source by searching online. The… Continue reading Calendula Dry Skin Cream

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DIY Geometric Wooden Candle

Target has a craft section that has some items like wooden signs, shadow boxes and trays that serve as a blank canvas for any project.  I bought a small geometric wooden planter that happened to be on clearance for $2 from their craft section.  When I first saw it I instantly knew it would be… Continue reading DIY Geometric Wooden Candle

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Sweet Potato Tuna Cake Recipe

I love making zucchini fritters in the summer when there is a lot of zucchini available.  I have been craving them, but since it is winter I decided to use sweet potatoes instead. Almost every  time I go to the farmers market in the winter I grab a couple sweet potatoes to cook with.  They are great… Continue reading Sweet Potato Tuna Cake Recipe