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DIY Beeswax Cling Wrap

The switch to natural living has been slowly progressing in my life. It is a lifestyle change that has been growing in me for years. That is why I am celebrating today.

I did it! I stopped buying plastic wrap, a product I have used all my life-A product that turns out to be very toxic.

Most plastic wraps made in the U.S.A haveScreen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.46.31 AM changed their plastic formulas using another form of toxic plastics. Companies are not required to list their plastic ingredients on the box. The FDA recommends not using any plastics in the microwave, if you do, leave at least an one inch space between the plastic and the food. If it doesn’t have the international seal for microwave use on the plastic, do not use it in the microwave.

The handiness of food wraps cannot be denied. It has probably done more for food born illnesses worldwide besides refrigeration than any other modern product, but the long term effects of plastics on our bodies and eco-systems are now evident worldwide.

This handiness can be duplicated with natural organic items.

What you will need.

  • Pre-washed 100% light-weight cotton cloth, sized to your largest bowl top, I cut mine to 12″ x 18″
  • about 2 oz natural grated beeswax

Make sure you have chosen a 100% natural fabric or the fabric may melt during this process. Turn your oven to its lowest setting. The melting point of beeswax is around 150 F. The flash point for beeswax is 400 F, so keep the oven well below this temperature.


You can be very creative with your fabric choice, allowing it to compliment your kitchen. Some people use pinking scissors around the edges, or sew around the edges to stop it from fraying.

Iron the pre-washed fabric if necessary so no wrinkles are present. Place fabric on a piece of oven parchment. Spread the grated beeswax over the fabric and place into the preheated oven. Wait until the wax just begins to melt and remove from  oven. Using a scrape of fabric rub the melting wax into the fabric. Repeat with more wax and return to oven until it is completely saturated. Let cool. It is now ready to use. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove food residue after each use.

Use as you would plastic wrap. Do not microwave it or the wax will remelt.

Note: If you grate your own beeswax it will be very hard to remove the residue from the grater. I have dedicated an old grater for use with beeswax. Remove the residue with boiling water.

Other ways to melt the beeswax-Experiment with using the microwave oven or dedicate a small crock pot for melting wax, use a large paint brush to coat the fabric, place in oven to melt through fabric.

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