Calendula Dry Skin Cream

Dry furnace heat makes my skin dry and cracked during the cold winter months. To combat this I make an organic healing lotion that can be used for body and face. This recipe is a two step process and also requires a source for fresh or dried calendula flowers, you can find a source by searching online. The recipe calls for one cup of calendula infused oil. The first stage of making this cream is to make a calendula infused oil. You can do this with dried flowers steeped into a cup of carrier oil, such as cold pressed olive oil or sweet almond oil for several weeks. I like to use fresh flowers for the calendula infused oil, here is my recipe for that.



  • One cup of calendula infused oil, strained
  • One cup of pure water at room temperature
  • 10-20 drops lavender essential oil and Rose hip oil
  • 1 tbsp organic honey
  • 1 oz grated bees wax

In a double boiler or make shift double boiler slowly heat the beeswax, honey and infused oil until the bees wax is melted. When melted, pour into a tall mixing dish and add the drops of essential oil. While blending slowly add the one cup of water. Blend until well emulsified. Place lotion into a sealable container.


After the lotion has set up, use as you would any body lotion or face cream.

Source for calendula

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