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Tassel Sun Hat DIY

I love sun hats for gardening, the beach, even driving. The problem is the cute ones are so expensive and don’t always match what I already own.

So here’s a fun DIY to customize your own sun hat from the dollar store, enjoy!


  • Scissors- already owned
  • Sun hat- Dollar Tree $1
  • Favorite color of yarn- $2
  • Big eyed needle- already owned
  • About 1 hour of time

So for $3 bucks I’m all in on this project and I may make one for each bathing suit I own at that cost.

Processed with Rookie Cam

To accent the plain black bow I decided to blanket stitch the rim of the hat. It’s easy to do consistently because the hat already has holes to follow as the natural texture.

Processed with Rookie Cam

You could stop there but I’m a sucker for tassels so I braided some more yarn and at the end I let the strings fly making three mini tassels to trail behind the bow. Tada! You now have a custom beach hat for your next adventure.

Processed with Rookie Cam
Custom hat to match bathing suit and some fine reading

I’ll see you on the beach this summer with a book and new hat!

Happy Questing!

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