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Tassel Sun Hat DIY

I love sun hats for gardening, the beach, even driving. The problem is the cute ones are so expensive and don't always match what I already own. So here's a fun DIY to customize your own sun hat from the dollar store, enjoy! Supplies: Scissors- already owned Sun hat- Dollar Tree $1 Favorite color of… Continue reading Tassel Sun Hat DIY

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A Rocky Beach In Winter

One of my favorite places to visit as a child, a beach full of the prettiest rocks any kid could dream of. With a steep sand hill plunging 100 feet down to the water's edge this small section juts out into Lake Michigan causing rocks to wash up from the fathoms below. Just three feet… Continue reading A Rocky Beach In Winter


Simply Dreadlocks

There is something my sister and I very much love about dreadlocks, maybe it's how simple they are to take care of, how nice they actually look, or how easy they are to make! Most people think dreadlocks are a permanent change to your hair that will ruin their lives. This is defiantly not true! It… Continue reading Simply Dreadlocks

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The Whales Tail- Uvita, Costa Rica

Sleeping in the rain forest on the night of the wolf moon was a little eerie. I was awakened by something like the sound of bat wings scraping the ceiling as it circled my bed, or it may of been the wings of a moth gently brushing up against the window screen trying to escape… Continue reading The Whales Tail- Uvita, Costa Rica

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Whale Watching

For the most part I am a "land lubber ” but the chance of seeing a mother humpback whale and her newly born calf was a once in a life time event. After all, when in my Michigan life would I ever get this chance again. After downing a Dramamine with my exquisite cup of… Continue reading Whale Watching

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Windows to the sea

One of Costa Rica’s best kept secrets is Playa Ventanas, windows to the sea. It is a beautiful secluded beach with a series of five sea caves, some accessible by sea, and some by foot. We discovered them on a border run to Panama to get our three-month visas renewed. We were looking for a place… Continue reading Windows to the sea

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On Assignment from Costa Rica

A Christmas like no other. My heart never yearned to spend Christmas Day on a remote beach in the Southern Pacific until I was on assignment in Costa Rica, far from family and friends that I left behind in Michigan. Here, my internal calendar is out of kilter, nonexisitant really, for all the cues from… Continue reading On Assignment from Costa Rica