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Whale Watching

For the most part I am a “land lubber ” but the chance of seeing a mother humpback whale and her newly born calf was a once in a life time event.

After all, when in my Michigan life would I ever get this chance again. After downing a Dramamine with my exquisite cup of locally grown Costa Rica coffee, we were off. Excited for this new adventure, and with apprehension we arrived at the National Park, Parque Nacional Marino Ballena. I was surprised at the size of the craft that awaited us, and I began to rethink our adventure. It seemed really, really small for that great sized ocean. I looked at our tour guide with disbelief, but he assured us that the tour was safe. We waded into the warm waters and climbed up and over the side of the small boat. I say small boat because I had been on larger ones on Lake Michigan. One man pushed the boat out until the engine could be lowered, and we were off, swallowed up by the huge expanse of waters.

Waves seemed to lap at us as if they would swallow us whole.

Approaching an uninhabited island we were greeted with exotic shore birds. Some flew along side our craft as if in a racing match. I was able to almost reach out and touch them and my heart soared along with them in a joyous flight. All at once our tour guide let out a loud call, pointing and our boat master was off in that direction. A whale had breached. To my great delight a mother hump back whale, her calf and another played before us in the waters jumping and frolicking as if in a dance.

Our boatman steered us along side and to our amazement said, “jump in!” So we did.

Nothing but outer worldliness can describe the over all experience. The cold refreshing sea water, the smells of ocean salts, birds soaring overhead and a strange sound penetrating our ears. The whales were singing!  As I held myself underwater I  could feel vibrations from their song throughout my whole body as if they were only a few feet away. The sounds were so eerily lovely that my whole being will never forget this experience and I am so very grateful that I took the time for this once in a life time adventure.

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