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The Price is Write: Habits to Write By

Daily habits are key to any lifestyle, especially a creative one. Whether you get up before everyone else or find time crammed between events we all have habits that keep us on track.

For me this means writing while Lets Make a Deal and The Price is Right is on television. For some reason I can just zone as people win prizes.  However, my child is now a toddler, and with that comes less nap time. So now I sit through my writing shows with my child instead of my laptop. Thankfully, my husband came up with a solution to trigger my writing mood. Now I stream episodes whenever I get time to write. Hey, it works for me.

Pay attention to when you are the most productive and recreate those scenarios to amp up your writing. Not sure where to start? Here are some other examples and ideas to get and keep you in the writing mood.

  • Audio: Like me with The Price is Right, Do you have music that just gets you in the right mind set? Or no noise at all? You can get headphones for both.
  • Location: Do you find you work best with a puddle of sunshine across your lap or the window open for fresh air? At a desk or nestled deep into your couch? Claim your spot like Napoleon and do not give it up.
  • Company: Do you need to be all alone to write? Shut the door. Just do it. Don’t even apologize, it’s writing time. They will get used to it.
  • Munchies: I have to have my one piece of chocolate, yes it’s in the budget… for you it may be a different food or beverage, no judgment here.
  • Atmosphere: Candles for the mood and smell? It depends on what you are writing… Do you always uses a cookie scented candle as you write your cook book? Or channel the sea with an ocean scented candle? Whatever you are writing there is a candle for it. It can be oddly helpful.

You get my drift here, find your zone and own it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s quirky or weird! If it makes the words “come on down!” than go for it.

What are your writing habits that make the difference between production and stagnation? Feel free to share the advise!

4 thoughts on “The Price is Write: Habits to Write By”

  1. I always create a “soundtrack” for what I’m writing. It has to be instrumental and it’s usually from YouTube (I found using known soundtracks distracts me too… I end up seeing someone else’s story)
    When I’m writing, no one can talk to me. Although, my husband tries 😛
    I also have to pull my hair up and put on my house robe… why? I really think it makes me think better… lol.
    Writer rituals are so fun. Great topic!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have not tried the soundtrack option yet but I know many writers do, especially for fight scenes or romance scenes etc.
      I also have to have my hair up 🙂 otherwise I go crazy. Thanks for commenting! It’s good to know I’m not alone in my quirkiness!

      Liked by 1 person

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