DIY: Himmeli Pendant Light


We just purchased our first home this past month so after getting back from our first Ikea trip I wanted something pretty to hang above our new table.  I saw some others awesome bloggers creating Himmeli ornaments for Christmas decorations and decided to up-scale it a little more and make a pendant Light.  This was a really easy project, when I started I was a little intimidated but once I got going it was really simple.  I think this is easy enough to do with older kids, its almost like jewelry making, just stringing things together.


30 Straws (not bendy straws)

25ft of wire

Wire cutter

Pendant light

Spray Paint (You can use metal finishes to get it to look like brass, copper etc. )

How To:

I watched this video first and used it to know what order to create the triangles.  All you do is string together each triangle and keep to the pattern that they use in the linked video. Make sure to tightly secure each Triangle and make sure its good and tight so it doesn’t fall apart.  The straws can be cut to any length if you want it smaller, you just need 30 that are all the same length.

When you complete the shape you take it outside and spray paint it the color of your choice.  After its been painted, You will have to attach the pendant light to it with the wire, I used an old pendant light that was already in our house.

You could Also substitute the straws for copper tubing, I used straws because I plan on replacing this soon, and wanted something nice to look at while saving up for a more expensive light.  You could also get a pendant light fixture that plugs in so you could use it wherever in the house and it could be taken down whenever you needed.

I will be exploring more with these, there are so many different ways to create geometric shapes with different materials. I would love to see any projects like this you have created, leave a link in the comments and I will check it out.


DIY Himmeli Pendant

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