Please Vote: Character Name Selection

Alright, I need a little help. I’m trying to decide on the last name for Haylee’s love interest in my book. Most votes will decide it and go into the final version of my book, The Bonaparte Complex: Glimmers of Truth.
A brief bio of the character: Jonas is tall, bearded, and a high school junior in today’s time. Jonas is transitioning onto the fencing team (which Haylee is also on). He is a ‘nice guy’ and is interested in football. He lives in fictional Freewater, Michigan.
All thoughts, comments, and votes are appreciated!  Thanks for helping me decide this!

4 thoughts on “Please Vote: Character Name Selection

  1. When thinking about his last name.. I thought about being in High School and “dramatically” daydreaming about the name of a crush. In High School girls tend to write their first name with their crushes last name, and when they talk about their crush with their friends- the name is everything- it has to sound perfect with your own. The kind of name that turns you into a goopy pile of slush.
    Porter seems to fit that the best.
    😉 love you Hannah!

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