Driving through Winter Doubt

In Michigan we get the worst potholes in the winter, can I get an Amen. The giant green plough trucks skim the road and at each spot the pavement is buckled it rips off the top like a scab you can't quit picking at. So slowly over the course of winter the holes get bigger… Continue reading Driving through Winter Doubt

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Whipped Sugar Scrub DIY

Cold weather is approaching and with that comes dry skin.  Sugar scrubs are amazing for hydrating your hands during the winter months come along with me today to learn how to make your own! Supplies: 3/4 cup Coconut Oil 1 cup Sugar Mixer Optional: Coloring (beet powder etc) Grapefruit zest Essential Oils Jojoba oil or… Continue reading Whipped Sugar Scrub DIY

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A Rocky Beach In Winter

One of my favorite places to visit as a child, a beach full of the prettiest rocks any kid could dream of. With a steep sand hill plunging 100 feet down to the water's edge this small section juts out into Lake Michigan causing rocks to wash up from the fathoms below. Just three feet… Continue reading A Rocky Beach In Winter


Winters Final Breath

It’s hard to describe what the forest sounds like when it’s encased in ice and a slow rain is falling. The ground crunches, the branches snap, and the water trickles through the ice covered canopy. What was a path through the woods is now impassable with the trees bowed low across the way. My daughter… Continue reading Winters Final Breath


Michigan Sugar Bush-Small Scale Harvest

There are deep traditions in Michigan. One of them is harvesting sap to make fresh Maple syrup. Continuing the tradition and getting outside on a winters day, in anticipation for spring, is one of my favorite things to do. One of my finest memories of winters days gone by is when, as a child, my Mother would point… Continue reading Michigan Sugar Bush-Small Scale Harvest