A Note On Perseverance

If you've been rejected by a person, a job, a college, or anything else you'd set your heart on having, you understand what it means to be a writer. Dealing with rejection is normal on multiple levels and in different ways. You can be rejected by the reader at any point. Whether it's the first… Continue reading A Note On Perseverance


Yay! A Rejection Due to Similarity

If you've gotten a rejection from an agent that says, "I really like this story and it's a good fit for my tastes, BUT I already have something similar on my list." You know it hurts. You're close but getting an agent can be like a chasm you can throw your manuscript across but not… Continue reading Yay! A Rejection Due to Similarity

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‘What if?’ insurance

We have car insurance and health insurance, but what about "What if?" insurance? What if your car breaks down? What if you're laid off? What if you get seriously sick? What if your computer dies and the manuscript you've been working on for two years dies with it? What if you get in a car… Continue reading ‘What if?’ insurance


Driving through Winter Doubt

In Michigan we get the worst potholes in the winter, can I get an Amen. The giant green plough trucks skim the road and at each spot the pavement is buckled it rips off the top like a scab you can't quit picking at. So slowly over the course of winter the holes get bigger… Continue reading Driving through Winter Doubt


A Writer’s Phases of Rejection- a Mini Memoir

Aggghhh!!! Another rejection, personal too, so close yet so unbelievably out of reach. Have you felt this? Where did you go next? My current state of pregnancy makes a nice shot of tequila or deep glass of wine not an option. So what does a sober person do with rejection? Here are the stages I found… Continue reading A Writer’s Phases of Rejection- a Mini Memoir