Yay! A Rejection Due to Similarity

If you’ve gotten a rejection from an agent that says, “I really like this story and it’s a good fit for my tastes, BUT I already have something similar on my list.” You know it hurts. You’re close but getting an agent can be like a chasm you can throw your manuscript across but not quite jump.

In the meantime, put that agent on your awesome list. Wait. Why? They just rejected my story, my baby, my life!

It means that agent has the same tastes as you- which you want. It’s hard to find someone you jive with and if they have similar things then write something new and send it in again.

It also means that agent respects their clients- which again you want. How does a rejection show respect? It means, while they know they could probably sell the story, they do not want to harm their current clients sales by adding a competing title to their list. They are turning down possible sales because they care about their clients. Sounds like someone I want to work with.

Need a different explanation?

Agent’s are like the shiny red case of a Swiss army knife. All their clients are the different components. Why have two toothpick holders? Or two knives? Let’s add a corkscrew to the mix and a pair of tweezers. Because if a Swiss army knife has all the same tools in it then it’s a waste of space. Same thing with a client list, diversity is good. You may end up becoming writing friends with some of these clients- they will have different skills than you do. So one of better be a corkscrew to open up a bottle of wine.

Happy Questing!

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2 thoughts on “Yay! A Rejection Due to Similarity”

    1. It is an industry full if rejection so finding a bit of joy in the process is how I persevere, that and a whole lot of God and coffee (not always that order I admit). Good luck and if you need a second set of eyes on your query I’d be happy to help.


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