A Writer’s Phases of Rejection- a Mini Memoir

Aggghhh!!! Another rejection, personal too, so close yet so unbelievably out of reach.

Have you felt this? Where did you go next? My current state of pregnancy makes a nice shot of tequila or deep glass of wine not an option. So what does a sober person do with rejection?

Here are the stages I found myself going through and perhaps you have too.

  1. I am the worst writer in the world. My work is garbage it’s practically illegible even in Times New Roman.
  2. Clearly so-and-so did not understand what I wrote.
  3. Circle back to number 1 because if I had written it better perhaps they would have liked/understood it.
  4. I’ll write something new which will be better because I’m now more experienced and can avoid X pitfall they mentioned.
  5. Circle back to number 1 after reading the new draft and realizing yup I’m awful at this.
  6. Needing to vent but unable to tell any of my friends because they don’t get it.
  7. Circle back to number 1 because my friends lied to me when they said I had talent for writing.
  8. I’ll just revise my story and send it to someone else who will like it- I’ll revenge query.
  9. Circle back to number 1 when that hastily queried person also rejects the work.


Now take a deep breath and take that twisted voice in your head and drop kick it to the curb. If you need to kung-foo panda smash it fine, do whatever you need to get it out of your head.

You are not the worst writer in the world.

Classically, publishing is one of the hardest industries to break into- anywhere. It’s going to take time and everything I’ve read, from the pros, say persistence is everything.

So name that bottle of wine persistence, take a drink for me, and lets get back to work.

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