So Much More Than One Story

I’d like to formally announce I will be published in the online journal Months To Years!

Read The Last Bumblebee in the Winter 2018 issue for yourself HERE.

I’m thrilled. Let me explain why this is such a big deal. Stay with me.

  • One, my family inspired the idea.
  • Two, it’s the first story I’ve written that makes most people cry.
  • Three, it was a prompt challenge given by a writing friend.
  • Four, it’s my FIRST published piece.

Number four is the big deal. It’s been a long road to get good enough at writing to even query. If you’ve been reading my posts for any amount of time you’ve seen my struggle.  It’s been one of the biggest learning process of my life, surpassed only by parenting.

To break it down: I’ve been writing seriously for four years and querying different levels of stories and books for two years. I’ve had over 150 rejections from agents, editors, and publishers in that time frame, many of which I closed out as no response.

Persistence is key. Do not give up. Keep working on craft and prove everyone wrong.

While I still do not have a book deal or an agent this is a step in the publishing puzzle that I’ve been after for some time. I now have publishing credentials which is a big deal in this industry.

Happy Questing!


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