The Humble Filing Cabinet

The papers around, across, and under my desk area have become like snowbanks in summer drifting into other areas of my home. I’m lost in my own space and it’s nearing the point of needing a snow shovel, in July.

As I’ve gotten farther into my writing life I’ve realized my organization has not grown to match my written words. So just like my manuscript master list got an upgrade, my papers are about to get the same treatment.

I’ve gotten to the point with my words where I NEED to have a structure. To do this I bought a Tupperware filing case. Inside I’ve placed several files folders including:

  • Ideas– So many ideas that may or may not go somewhere.
  • Drafting– In progress and partially formed documents.
  • Revising– Drafted but in need of revisions.
  • Complete– Things sold or on query.

I know this will morph as I grow as a writer but right now a ten dollar investment and some filing work are making all the difference in my space and time. No more sifting through snow piles of papers looking for that one edited page. Take a few minutes and make your space work for you not against you.

Organization is bliss.

Happy Questing!

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