Edit vs. Revise

How many times have you heard this: “I’ve finished my book! Now I just need an editor!”
But is it really done? Have they done revisions? Or when you offer to take the first ten pages do you find so many errors you can’t keep track of the story? We have all been there– on both sides.

I’d like to clear up two definitions according to Dictionary.com

Edit (verb)- to supervise or direct the preparation of (book, magazine etc); to collect, prepare and arrange (materials) for publication.

Revise (verb)- to amend or alter; to alter something already written or printed, in order to make corrections, improve, or update.

Editing, according to the definition, is only to set the book up! It has nothing to do with fixing typos and plugging plot holes. Sure editors will do some of it but overall it is not their job.
As the writers, it is our job to revise our work to make it the best it can be! So lets own it and be a little ruthless with ourselves. You have written your draft! It’s amazing, be proud! Now lets upgrade that draft until it shimmers. So that when the editor does get hands on it they weep with joy at having found you and your book.  Check out how I do revisions. Writing Revisions.
How about you? Are you ready for an editor? Or, like me, are you still doing revisions?

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