Revising Grief

Nothing kills my creativity faster than grief. It's like my mind gets tunnel vision and my whole demeanor is sad. I try to find the creative pieces in every part of life but in these moments I can't. So I look elsewhere for comfort. I usually start with my Bible and that helps the healing… Continue reading Revising Grief


Competitive Writing

Not all competition happens in the gym. I've been struggling with a picture book for over a month now. It's driving me crazy. I need to rework my pitch so it doesn't get an automatic no. I need to revise, revise, and revise some more. I need to brainstorm like it's the end of the… Continue reading Competitive Writing


The Humble Filing Cabinet

The papers around, across, and under my desk area have become like snowbanks in summer drifting into other areas of my home. I'm lost in my own space and it's nearing the point of needing a snow shovel, in July. As I've gotten farther into my writing life I've realized my organization has not grown… Continue reading The Humble Filing Cabinet


A Bow to Editing Services

If you've been reading my posts for any length of time you'll have noticed that grammar rules and spelling are not in something I hold in spades. In fact, I'm down right atrocious. I do try but grammar and spelling are a constant struggle for me. Which is why I've decided to take the next… Continue reading A Bow to Editing Services


Problem: The Slow Start

While starting off slow and easy is generally preferred with most things in life, it is the opposite when it comes to a good book. Readers want complete and total immersion from page one! It's a tall order. I admit my book starts off slow. I wanted to build tension and let the reader experience what… Continue reading Problem: The Slow Start


I Used to Hate Red Pen

But now I hate purple. Thanks to some amazing editing partners I'm awash in it. I've killed three of my own pens trying to fix the mess of a manuscript I have. But looking back on all the work over the past two years I feel proud of the manuscript I have. I've learned a… Continue reading I Used to Hate Red Pen


Goldilocks Gets It Just Write

Goldilocks takes so much crap for wanting to be “just right.” The perfectly warm oatmeal. The wonderfully spacious bed. Sure she’s breaking and entering into the Bear’s home, but she’s looking for perfection. And isn’t that what every writer is aiming for? We want enough detail to immerse the reader but not too much we… Continue reading Goldilocks Gets It Just Write

Inspiration, Writing

Beta Reader Breakdown Part 3, Evaluation time

So you have all your shiny packets back, well except for those first few pages with the coffee marks. But Yay! You have them back. And you’ve glanced through them and you are getting excited about all the positive feedback you are sure to receive! My mind is humming, “I can’t wait for them to… Continue reading Beta Reader Breakdown Part 3, Evaluation time


Pick Your Team, Beta Reader Breakdown

As I enter my final stages of revision for my YA novel my heart is fluttering with excitement and dread. It’s coming to the point where someone else will be reading my words… characters as close as family will be critiqued. Secretly, I think it's flawless. Reality hits cold. What do I do? How do… Continue reading Pick Your Team, Beta Reader Breakdown