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Preorder Now Available!

I'm TOTALLY FREAKING OUT!!! It's happened! I now can share all the details of my new kid's book!!! If you want to skip the details and go straight to Amazon click this photo: First off check out this fantastic cover art, like wow! Second, I need to thank all the kids in my life… Continue reading Preorder Now Available!


New Book Coming Soon!

I’ve been hard at work on a special project recently and I’m finally ready to tell you what it is! I’ve been writing a book and I’m so excited to share more details (including the cover and how to pre-order your copy) with you soon. Be sure to keep an eye out for my official… Continue reading New Book Coming Soon!


The Perfect Page Turn

With picture book writing their is a real art to handling a page turn. You have to think through not only the words but the accompanying art on the pages. There are many amazing tools out there to help you envision what your story will look like with each turn. You can find a wonderful… Continue reading The Perfect Page Turn


Bibliographies for Writers

You know those pesky end notes after research papers in high school and college? Well they're back. In fact they never really left and are super important for writers who want to write in certain areas. If you're writing nonfiction I'll assume this is all old news to you but other types of writing that… Continue reading Bibliographies for Writers

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The Good, The Bad, & The Changes

I've had the opportunity through my amazing agency Golden Wheat Literary to be working through a marketing series. The goal is to get a better grasp on our audience and make our efforts line up across our platforms. While it sounds like a less than fun experience I've actually had a realization this week. I… Continue reading The Good, The Bad, & The Changes

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Managing an Anthology

Sadly, I've been a part of two local anthologies that have fallen through. I'll be honest it was due to the planning portion than the writing portion. How do you actually put it together in a coherent way. So if you're on anthology train here are some tips to get your project into the station… Continue reading Managing an Anthology


A New Kind of Note

I'm delving deep into a new type of childrens writing and am loving it. I'm five stories into a historical fiction STEAM series. It's a blast. What I'm realizing though is everything can't be an art note. I've talked in the past about what makes a good illustration note, you can read more here. So… Continue reading A New Kind of Note


Revising Grief

Nothing kills my creativity faster than grief. It's like my mind gets tunnel vision and my whole demeanor is sad. I try to find the creative pieces in every part of life but in these moments I can't. So I look elsewhere for comfort. I usually start with my Bible and that helps the healing… Continue reading Revising Grief


Why Snow is Like Story

I'm sitting at my desk on a cold February day and it hits me how much stories and snow have in common. If you'll indulge my little analogy, here's why I think so. At the start, small flakes are falling in a quiet tumble. Little whispers of plot are coming out of the sky and… Continue reading Why Snow is Like Story

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Writing Space Inspiration

I'm blessed enough to actually have a desk to do my writing at. I've got an eclectic collection of items chilling out around the space. I don't think there is a right or wrong way to spruce up a space but here is my general checklist: Something Alive- Besides myself I have a succulent tree… Continue reading Writing Space Inspiration


Research Tricks & Tips You Can’t Live Without

I've been digging deep these past few weeks working through a historical fiction picture book series (I'm so stinking excited about it). On that note I've gotten fairly good at finding information and I want to share some of my best tricks and tips. Unpopular opinion #1: Wikipedia is NOT a safe research source. While… Continue reading Research Tricks & Tips You Can’t Live Without


Historical Fiction for Kids in 9 Steps

Let's be clear writing is extremely difficult. Historical fiction has a special degree of difficulty. So these steps are IN ADDITION to all the other normal awesome writing and editing you do. These are the extra things. You also need to know that this post is here because I'm writing my first historical fiction and… Continue reading Historical Fiction for Kids in 9 Steps


2020 Writing Challenge

I'm so blessed to have a few local writing friends. They keep me honest when it comes to the amount of work I'm actually getting done, ahm, or not getting done. One of them called me out. "You're not writing enough."                             … Continue reading 2020 Writing Challenge


How to Pick A Point of View

I've been wrestling with a new picture book story that I want to write. I've got nothing on paper, yet. It's just bubbling in the back of my mind. The story elements are all there, plot, structure, information, character options. What I can't wrap my mind around is the point of view. WHO is going… Continue reading How to Pick A Point of View

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10 Reading Quotes to Fall In Love With

Oftentimes someone has said what I wish to say far more eloquently than I ever could. So today I'm going to let others way in on reading. I hope you enjoy these quotes as much as I do. I'm also going to take Bill's advice as the weather is dreary to a fault. So cheers… Continue reading 10 Reading Quotes to Fall In Love With


How to Write During the Holidays

I've come to realize the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are somewhat of a twilight zone for writing. It seems like either it all gets written or none of it does. So how do you fit in a routine when life's routine is out the window? The short answer is, I don't know. The long… Continue reading How to Write During the Holidays


“You charge for so few words!?”

"You charge for so few words!?" Says so many folks who are looking for copy writing services. While I love the agency I work through for copy writing (and they would never make a statement like this) I've heard this line so often from those outside the writing business. Let's be really clear. Writing short,… Continue reading “You charge for so few words!?”


You Should Talk to an Agent Today, Seriously.

So I've been steadily working through my stories as they come to me. I've talked before about choosing a story to write that really gets you excited. I still stand by all of that. However, there comes a moment when a choice must be made and that choice has consequences. I'm there. I've got five… Continue reading You Should Talk to an Agent Today, Seriously.


5 Tricks to Fast Drafting

It's National Novel Writing Month and word counts reign supreme in the writing world right now. The thing is we are all so short on time. When I sit down to write it needs to happen now. There's no luxury of sitting and staring at the screen for hours. Kids, chores, other work, and the… Continue reading 5 Tricks to Fast Drafting


Don’t Say It That Way!

I really enjoy coming up with witty titles for my blog posts. It's fun. Part of me (the stubborn part) doesn't want to change. But one of my good writing pals pointed out the wisdom of key words the other day. She even backed it up with this fascinating and fear producing article. Have I… Continue reading Don’t Say It That Way!