You Should Talk to an Agent Today, Seriously.

So I’ve been steadily working through my stories as they come to me. I’ve talked before about choosing a story to write that really gets you excited. I still stand by all of that. However, there comes a moment when a choice must be made and that choice has consequences.

I’m there. I’ve got five big stories in varies levels of progress that I’m equally jazzed about getting done. But I want to give myself the best chance of getting this to go somewhere instead of sitting in my hard-drive. I’m sure you feel the same. You want to see all your hard-work pay off in the end.

So I scheduled a call with my agent. I need more information, the kind that an agent knows. Things like:

  • What’s getting bought now. Not what’s being published (I can look that up) but what is currently being bought and slated for publication two years from now.
  • What trends are they seeing, ups and downs. For example, fairy-tale retellings are heading down while vampires, zombies, and dystopia are coming back. Yup, you read that right. It’s back.
  • What does the agent get excited about. Some projects pitch better than others. Therefore they will be an easier sell. Also agents have particular tastes in books just like writers do. A book they like will give them stamina to get things rolling when it comes time to sell a book.

Wait wait wait. I don’t have an agent to talk to. I’m still drafting, editing, pitching. So none of this applies to me.

Oh, yes it does. You can actually book a phone call with an agent on Manuscript Academy for a small fee. You can even book time with an editor. These are folks working in the industry. They know exactly what’s going on because they are there, living it.

During my call I asked my agent questions about my current submissions but I also speed pitched five different books on the call. To see her face light up for some stories and not others was enough to convince me which ones to work on. But then she backed up her excitement with why she liked certain ones more than others with solid reasons.

So what am I working on? It’s a secret but it’s on an island with mixed media elements and a touch of magic. You’ll have to wait for more!

So now I’m excited about finishing a few projects and that’s exactly the type of boost I need to get through. So if you’re like me and can’t seem to choose or simply have some questions you can’t get a good answer for then maybe it’s time to book some expert time.

Happy Questing!

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