I’m Failing NaNoWriMo & Happy- You Should be too.

It’s Day 11 of National Novel Writing Month. If you’re like me you are slowly watching the gap between the words written and words that should be written graph on your NaNoWriMo home page grow. It’s not that I’m not writing. It’s that I’m not getting as many words as I need.

I’m still happy about my progress or lack of.

Why? I’m failing the challenge. I should be upset and disappointed with myself. The thing is all those grumpy feelings really kill my creativity. I can’t force my words to come. I can write lots of words but they won’t be right. I don’t want to write willy-nilly and put myself into a spot I can’t edit myself out of.

So I’m going at a good pace. I am still writing. It takes about twenty-one days to form a habit. This means by the end of the  month I’ll be used to writing every day. I’m working on multiple projects, like this blog, these words don’t count toward my goal but they are still valuable.

I’m looking at this month as the month to reestablish my writing routine, to connect with other writers, and to get started on a project that inspires me. I’m happy about my failure status and you should be too. Because you’ve written something. You’ve made connections. You’ve challenged yourself to create a habit which will benefit you all year.

So here’s to failing forward and writing words even if not all the words.

Happy Questing!

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