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Friendship Boot Planter DIY

Here is a great idea to celebrate a special friendship in your life. Find a pair of worn out boots and fill with your favorite flowers. One of the boots is for your friend while the other is for you.

Friends are the flowers in the garden of life. Beginning with a seed of trust, nurtured with laughter and tears, growing into loyalty and love. -unknown

Choosing the right flower could send a message to your friend. Flower names have a language all their own.  A Red Rose, for instance, means true love, while a yellow rose means friendship. You can research this here. Some flowers have more than one meaning and each color can change the meaning. I chose the petunia because I liked the color and the way it would trail down the boot.

The petunia flower symbolizes your desire to spend time with someone because you find their company soothing and peaceful. According to some sources, petunias are also a symbol of not losing hope.

What you will need:

  • A pair of old Boots
  • Potting soil
  • Flowers
  • Water


The boots I chose had a zipper so I set it about halfway up the boot and filled with nice black dirt from my no till garden.

Next I added the sweet potatoe vine so that it cascades down the side of the boot. Above that I added a tall grass and a beautiful trailing petunia to match. Soak the boot and dirt thoroughly so the plants stay moist. Once a week set the boot down into a bucket of water to completely hydrate the boot.

All that’s left is to gift your matching boot to your best friend and all through the summer you will see the boot and think of your friend.

This idea could be used as a memorial for a loved one who has passed away, instead of throwing out their old boots make them into a memorial, one for their grave the other for you.

Meanings of flowers:


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