A New Kind of DIY Wreath

I’ve used grapevines to make plenty of wreaths before. I’ve even made them into festive trees. But now I’ve found a new medium to make a wreath.


On a recent beach walk I came across a pile of washed up tree roots. They were smooth, clean, and stripped of bark from the waves. They were beautiful.

You may not have access to a large lake like do with Lake Michigan but there are roots all around you. If you pull up (with permission) different wild shrubs or weeds the roots will look different. You can rinse them off and, with gloves on, strip the outer bark-like shell off them. This will expose the softer smooth interior of the root. Live roots are bendable and easy to manipulate.

Then like any other wreath you start twisting them into a circle shape. Adding more as you need it. Before long you’ll have a beautiful and unique root wreath. As it hardens and dries it will make your friends wonder how you got all those sticks to twist so well.

Happy Questing!

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