Wreath Wall DIY

I’ve made wreaths on this blog before so I won’t bore you with the details again. I’ve also made fun trees with grape vines that I love. But not this time…

This time I’m making a wall! My girls want to grow climbing beans and I’ll be honest I prefer bush beans over pole beans any day. So the solution is to do both! The issue being what do the pole beans climb…

Answer a wreath wall.

I had the privilege of working on my father-in-laws farm last weekend. I did a lot of pruning. Some of that entailed pulling down a whole bush full of grape vines. I couldn’t bear to just toss them so I got to work twisting them into wreaths.

I ended up with eight! Yikes… that’s more wreaths than doors at my place by a long shot.

So I needed another option. Using last years jumbo sunflower stalks I made a frame. Then I stagger stacked the wreaths hooking them together with twine.


The result is a stunning wall of wreaths that we can grow beans on. I’m thrilled. What ways have you thought outside the box lately to make something unique?

Happy Questing!

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