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Q-Kids: Investigating Seeds

While some people's goal with gardens is to store up food. Mine has been to teach our kids where food comes from, how it grows, and how yummy it is. As the season starts producing food the question comes up about seeds. My kids wonder, can we eat them? What happens if we don't? After… Continue reading Q-Kids: Investigating Seeds


Wreath Wall DIY

I've made wreaths on this blog before so I won't bore you with the details again. I've also made fun trees with grape vines that I love. But not this time... This time I'm making a wall! My girls want to grow climbing beans and I'll be honest I prefer bush beans over pole beans… Continue reading Wreath Wall DIY


Building Your Bouquet of Stories

When I buy flower seeds I read the back of the package first. It tells me what kind of sunlight, soil, and climate this little seed needs to thrive. It also says how long it will take before I see any blooms, sometimes it takes months, a big investment. Like a flower, how do you… Continue reading Building Your Bouquet of Stories


Toddler Fascinations and Moss Gardens

It hadn't rained in two weeks until last night and the smell of wet dirt was heavy in the air. My toddler and I set off to explore our back woods and check on the little forts we'd been slowly constructing over the summer. Her fascination with moss caught my eye. We grabbed her pink… Continue reading Toddler Fascinations and Moss Gardens

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Raspberry Hedge How To

Earlier this spring an acquaintance advised they were removing an entire row of raspberries from their garden. At $10-$20 a plant at any nursery I grabbed my shovel and invited myself over on digging day. I'd stashed my toddlers kiddy pool in the trunk and within the hour I had it full of baby raspberry bushes.… Continue reading Raspberry Hedge How To

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DIY Duct Tape Planter

For those of us less handy with a paint brush I've got this DIY for a cute planter. From the dollar store, I bought: Glass dish: square is best so the tape wraps well $1 Duct Tape: the fancy pattern type $1 Colored Rocks- matching the tape pattern $1 Succulent- You can get the fake… Continue reading DIY Duct Tape Planter


No-till Layered Kitchen Garden

Sometimes life throws things at us in unexpected ways and timing. This is how we found ourselves one early Fall day, with a project on a grand scale. Placed in our hands was a house on 2 acres that needed some tender loving care and a desperate make-over inside and out. It had been deserted and left for dead.… Continue reading No-till Layered Kitchen Garden