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Q-Kids: Unique Bouquet

My kids love to pick dandelions and about any other flower they come across on our nature adventures. The problem is that rarely do the kids pick the flower stems long enough to actually make a real bouquet with. So when I saw this fun craft I knew we had to try it out. Before… Continue reading Q-Kids: Unique Bouquet


Building Your Bouquet of Stories

When I buy flower seeds I read the back of the package first. It tells me what kind of sunlight, soil, and climate this little seed needs to thrive. It also says how long it will take before I see any blooms, sometimes it takes months, a big investment. Like a flower, how do you… Continue reading Building Your Bouquet of Stories

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Turn $10 of Supermarket Flowers Into a Beautiful Bouquet

I was shopping at Kroger and saw some tulips and I HAD to buy them! I love putting fresh flowers up in my home especially in the spring time.  It makes my kitchen and dining room look happy and inviting.  I looked at the rest of the flowers and noticed the ones already arranged were… Continue reading Turn $10 of Supermarket Flowers Into a Beautiful Bouquet

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Remake Your Bouquet

My hubby got me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for Valentines Day. An assortment of roses, daisies, freesia, carnations, bells, and ferns. But a week later the roses and bells have wilted making the bouquet look drab. However the rest of the flowers were holding up well. I didn't want to throw out the whole bouquet… Continue reading Remake Your Bouquet