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DIY Valentines Day Cards

Is it just me or is it hard to find a Valentine's Day card that says just the right thing? Maybe I'm too picky or weird. But there is no way I'm looking through dozens of cards to find the perfect one this year. So instead, I've decided to make my own card and words.… Continue reading DIY Valentines Day Cards

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Remake Your Bouquet

My hubby got me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for Valentines Day. An assortment of roses, daisies, freesia, carnations, bells, and ferns. But a week later the roses and bells have wilted making the bouquet look drab. However the rest of the flowers were holding up well. I didn't want to throw out the whole bouquet… Continue reading Remake Your Bouquet


DIY Bath Bombs!

  Valentine's day is coming up(YAY!), and I thought this would be a great time to try to make Bath Bombs. Get ready to relax with this stress relieving DIY!! I love taking baths and I don't use Bath Bombs because they can be really expensive.  I did some research and making them from home… Continue reading DIY Bath Bombs!