A New Kind of Note

I'm delving deep into a new type of childrens writing and am loving it. I'm five stories into a historical fiction STEAM series. It's a blast. What I'm realizing though is everything can't be an art note. I've talked in the past about what makes a good illustration note, you can read more here. So… Continue reading A New Kind of Note


The Art of the [Art Note: …]

I'm a fairly traditional writer. So making the transition into picture books has been difficult. Not because my writing is bad but because picture books are more than just the words. In picture books I have to leave room for art. You can check out another post on book structure HERE. When I say I'm leaving… Continue reading The Art of the [Art Note: …]

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DIY Valentines Day Cards

Is it just me or is it hard to find a Valentine's Day card that says just the right thing? Maybe I'm too picky or weird. But there is no way I'm looking through dozens of cards to find the perfect one this year. So instead, I've decided to make my own card and words.… Continue reading DIY Valentines Day Cards