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Open to Suggestions… Right?

I'm not going to lie, anything about performing arts scares me. Ask me to talk to a room full of people about a topic I'm knowledgeable about sure thing- I got it. But ask me to act like something I'm not and bad things happen, and by bad I mean embarrassing. Flashing back to jr.… Continue reading Open to Suggestions… Right?


Building Your Bouquet of Stories

When I buy flower seeds I read the back of the package first. It tells me what kind of sunlight, soil, and climate this little seed needs to thrive. It also says how long it will take before I see any blooms, sometimes it takes months, a big investment. Like a flower, how do you… Continue reading Building Your Bouquet of Stories


Dreamy Ideas

There is a sweet spot for creatives while dreaming. It occurs somewhere between just awke and barley asleep. Your dreams are vivid and you have a certain measure of control. This level of awareness in dreams is called lucid dreaming. Often when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then… Continue reading Dreamy Ideas


Starting Fresh- A new book journey

  After getting my first fully edited book done and out there I've started working on something new. I will not be writing the same way this time. This time I will be intentional about all of it. This time I started with a question, something I needed to create an answer to in the form… Continue reading Starting Fresh- A new book journey