Q-Kids: Flower Press

My kids pick a lot of flowers. Flowers destined to die before we can finish our walk and get them into water. It's not that bad until the kids realize their handful of wonderful beauty is wilted and faded. Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine to… Continue reading Q-Kids: Flower Press


Q-Kids Art Activity

This little mini series is an attempt to help out my fellow parents who need ideas to break up the day. These ideas will be fast, adaptable, and hopefully use things you already have on hand, all from home. PINE CONE FLOWERS We have a lot of pine trees in our yard and I know… Continue reading Q-Kids Art Activity


Building Your Bouquet of Stories

When I buy flower seeds I read the back of the package first. It tells me what kind of sunlight, soil, and climate this little seed needs to thrive. It also says how long it will take before I see any blooms, sometimes it takes months, a big investment. Like a flower, how do you… Continue reading Building Your Bouquet of Stories


Homemade Lands DIY 2.0

If you've gotten good at thinking of cleaver craft/toy combos like I have over the winter you'll understand why I bought an old box of old plastic flowers from a thrift store this weekend. First it was only $3 bucks and second my kid is going to flip out when this comes together (I hope).… Continue reading Homemade Lands DIY 2.0


3D Embroidery DIY: Wall Flower

I have a book on Needlecraft from 1959 and flipping through it's pages this winter I was reminded how little Americans sew now-a-days. It used to be clothing was made at home, toys were created from little more than trash, and décor like curtains and rugs created from scratch. Believe me, I'm not complaining. I… Continue reading 3D Embroidery DIY: Wall Flower

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Flower Farm a Final Season

As we pulled up to the u-pick flower farm the stillness of the jeweled field of flowers was so calming. Alone except for the beetles, bees, and turkeys on the hedgerow. We helped ourselves to some snips and a basket, trekking through the morning dew and muddy lanes to find perfect stems. My toddler chases… Continue reading Flower Farm a Final Season