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Watercolor Words Project

Most of you have seen my home library. What you don't see is the boxes of books in storage waiting for space on those shelves. One of those boxes is full of mini sized book and the box behind that is full of broken books. Books too cool to throw out but too damaged to… Continue reading Watercolor Words Project


Personalized Board Game DIY

I'm forever trying to think up new uses for broken, outdated, or useless items. It's a blessing and a curse. So when I found out my old bestie Scrabble game was a few pieces short of a full alphabet I was more than a little bummed out. Instead of throwing it into the trash I've… Continue reading Personalized Board Game DIY


Homemade Lands DIY 2.0

If you've gotten good at thinking of cleaver craft/toy combos like I have over the winter you'll understand why I bought an old box of old plastic flowers from a thrift store this weekend. First it was only $3 bucks and second my kid is going to flip out when this comes together (I hope).… Continue reading Homemade Lands DIY 2.0

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Mercury Glass Globe-Making a replacement light globe from a pickle Jar

Installing a lighting fixture over a staircase can be difficult so when the light globe slipped effortlessly from my hand and dropped to its death below I cringed. Finding a replacement should of been an easy task but after looking in multiple big box stores, I selected the closest fit.To my dismay it was too… Continue reading Mercury Glass Globe-Making a replacement light globe from a pickle Jar