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A Nontraditional Tradition

So my family discovered escape rooms a few years ago and let's just say we are a bit addicted. When we take a vacation we check if there are escape rooms in the area before we go. It's become a thing. Last Christmas I was thrown the challenge of, "Hey, you're good at puzzles and… Continue reading A Nontraditional Tradition


Scrabble Photo Panel DIY

I tend to hoard scrabble games. Peices go missing and I end up canabalizing them to make a complete set. I've already used the extra boards for a chalk board DIY but what about the tile trays? Combined with a favorite peice of fabric I constructed a photo panel. To replicate this DIY you will… Continue reading Scrabble Photo Panel DIY


Personalized Board Game DIY

I'm forever trying to think up new uses for broken, outdated, or useless items. It's a blessing and a curse. So when I found out my old bestie Scrabble game was a few pieces short of a full alphabet I was more than a little bummed out. Instead of throwing it into the trash I've… Continue reading Personalized Board Game DIY