Scrabble Photo Panel DIY

I tend to hoard scrabble games. Peices go missing and I end up canabalizing them to make a complete set. I’ve already used the extra boards for a chalk board DIY but what about the tile trays?

Combined with a favorite peice of fabric I constructed a photo panel.

To replicate this DIY you will need:

  • fabric
  • fabric glue
  • scrabble trays (2 or more)
  • twine or ribbon to match fabric
  • scissors
  • tape measure

I cut an oversized piece of fabric and positioned the trays first to get the spacing right. Next I glued the trays to the fabric so that a normal sized photo would sit between the pieces easily. Be sure the curved side of the tray is facing up to catch the edge of your photos otherwise they will slip right off.

Once dry, I flipped the whole thing over and glued the seams to make a finished look around the perimeter. I also added a piece of twine to hang my photo panel from a hook.

What creative ideas do you have for old games? Let me know so I can try them too!

Happy Questing!


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