Homemade Lands DIY 2.0

If you’ve gotten good at thinking of cleaver craft/toy combos like I have over the winter you’ll understand why I bought an old box of old plastic flowers from a thrift store this weekend. First it was only $3 bucks and second my kid is going to flip out when this comes together (I hope).

Processed with Rookie Cam
vintage plastic flowers

Next stop was to the dollar store for foam, lots of shapes. I also got a few more pieces of greenery to add to the mix of these flowers. I cut the foam spears in half and the foam ring into three sections. I wanted to create several pieces that could be moved into endless new play worlds.

Once you have the foam in the shape you want cover them with a dark green felt, something that feels like spring grass is what I was going for.

Using a utility knife I put slits through the fabric so I could insert the flowers into the foam base. Once I adjusted the flowers like I wanted I sealed them in with hot glue around the top. Repeat with as many pieces as you want to create endless fun.

All that’s left is to enjoy your new play world.

Happy Questing!


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